♣ Data Archives and Distributes
JAXA archives and distributes GNSS data sets of sufficient accuracy to meet the objectives of a wide range of scientific and engineering applications and studies.
However, JAXA does not guarantee any availability and precision of the data.
JAXA also assumes no responsibility for any damages occurring when a user uses a data.
JAXA may interrupt, stop and terminate product distribution.
The user shall indicate proper credit when the user publishes analyze results from a product.
File name variables
dday of week (0-6) yy2-digit year
ddd3-digit day of year (001-366) yyyy4-digit year
mm2-digit month (01-12) dd2-digit day (01-31)
hh2-digit hour of day (00-23) ssss4-character site ID or 4-character ID
wwww4-digit GPS week

  • Kaori Kawate, Yuki Igarashi, Hideki Yamada, Kyohei Akiyama, Masato Okeya, Hiroshi Takiguchi, Masaya Murata, Toshitaka Sasaki, Saya Matsushita, Shoh Miyoshi, Motoyuki Miyoshi, and Satoshi Kogure 2023. MADOCA: Japanese precise orbit and clock determination tool for GNSS. Advances in Space Research, 71(10), p.3927-3950. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.asr.2023.01.060

File Path Files in this directory

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Tsukuba, JPN
data/ products/ mdc1/ mdc2/
daily/ wwww/ wwww/ wwww/
yyyy/ Final Precise satellite orbits and clocks jxfwwwwd.sp3.Z Precise satellite orbits and clocks madocawwwwd.sp3.gz Precise satellite orbits and clocks madocawwwwd.sp3.gz
ddd/ 30 sec satellites and station clocks jxfwwwwd.clk_30s.Z ssr products ssrwwwwd.rtcm3 ssr products ssrwwwwd.rtcm3
Daily GNSS observations ssssddd0.yyo.Z Stations Position jxfwwwwd.snx.Z lex products madocayyyymmdd.lex lex products madocayyyymmdd.lex
Daily global broadcast ephemerides ssssddd0.yyp.Z Fractional cycle bias jxfwwwwd.fcb.Z
Earth rotation parameters jxfwwwwd.erp.Z
Rapid Precise satellite orbits and clocks jxrwwwwd.sp3.Z
30 sec satellites and staion clocks jxrwwwwd.clk_30s.Z
Fractional cycle bias jxrwwwwd.fcb.Z
Earth rotation parameters jxrwwwwd.erp.Z
Ultra-Rapid Precise satellite orbits and clocks jxuwwwwd_hh.sp3.Z
30 sec satellites and station clocks jxuwwwwd_hh.clk_30s.Z
Fractional cycle bias jxuwwwwd_hh.fcb.Z
Earth rotaion parameters jxuwwwwd_hh.erp.Z
Final(Tensor model used, QZS only) Precise satellite orbits and clocks tsfwwwwd.sp3.Z
5 minuites satellites and station clocks tsfwwwwd.clk_5m.Z

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